Bondar Media offers a full suite of formats including on-location, green-screen, animation, stop-motion and CGI. With over a decade of experience in the science-media landscape, Bondar is well versed in creating content for a wide variety of audiences.

We aim to tell the story of YOUR science in a few different ways:

Provide your customers/clients/readers with a clear and entertaining short film about your scientific mandate. We will work together to create a framework and format that fits your brand while educating the viewer about the work that you do.

The power and freedom of the internet means that individual companies can create and show their own media on their own channels. This is a great way to generate interest in your brand, and to reach new audiences on several platforms. Bondar is a master at ‘out of the box’ thinking in this genre and her creative vision has launched several brands into an online viewership of 1,000,000+.

Are you looking to improve the entertainment value of your next meeting without compromising the integrity of your content? Do you want to inform your sales/customer representatives or potential new customers about a new scientific concept or product? Dr. Bondar is a charismatic speaker and performer, having delivered lectures across several genres of science in over 15 countries. Her live presentations are energetic, entertaining, and most importantly – educational and understandable to scientists AND non-scientists.